One Month to the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Happy March, everyone!! This, of course, means we only have one month left before the A to Z blogging challenge kicks off (which means its high time to start planning or, in my case, writing up some of my posts ahead of time so I don’t have to do the whole thing during April and have more time to visit others’ sites).

If you’re thinking about joining us, there’s a good article here about how the challenge works, who can join, and what it’s all about. I’m watching and waiting to see if there will be a theme reveal on the A to Z website; if not, I’m going to unveil mine in two weeks, but rest assured, it has to do with writing and will even have a pinch of fantasy to it. 🙂

tulips by rosevita

And here are some bright spring flowers to brighten your day…from a different year (mine aren’t up yet; it’s been too cold). Happy almost-spring, everyone, and Happy Blogging!!

Photo by rosevita, Creative Commons

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