Update on the A to Z Challenge

Yesterday was a (literal) snow day in the Pacific NW, so I never got around to the computer, but here, as promised, is the update on the A to Z blogging challenge.

There will still be a challenge, and it will run everyday in April (save Sundays–though apparently we have to do one Sunday because otherwise, we don’t have enough days to complete the alphabet). The biggest change is that there isn’t a sign-up list.

Instead, we’re to put our link for the day in the comments page on the A-Z letter for the day post, or on Facebook or Twitter with appropriate hashtags. The nice thing is that, if you aren’t sure about joining the challenge in February or March, you can still wait to the last minute to come on board and link to the pages without feeling like you “came late to the party.”

Courtesy of Gratisography

Some A-Z bloggers are upset by the changes and are hoping we can still have a master list, done by topic, so we can find other blogs. (Which was my biggest concern–if we just post the link for the day, it might be something as vague as V for View, not telling us if it’s about writing and “Points of View” or about photography or travel or even the television program of the same name.) Otherwise, the concern is coming from those who schedule their posts in advance and won’t have internet access (though many have pointed out that if you aren’t going to be online to respond to comments and visit new blogs, you aren’t really take part of the blogging challenge in the first place–at least, not the networking part).

More details can be found here, on their official page.

Personally, I’m still going to be taking part of the A to Z challenge, no matter how many hoops one must jump through. I’ve got my theme planned (it will be on writing, of course, with a fun twist) and I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing it with you all (but I do want to write most of it ahead of time).

Copyright 2017 Andrea Lundgren

Photo courtesy of Gratisography

One thought on “Update on the A to Z Challenge

  1. I’ve read the post yesterday and although at first I was a bit annoyed by the change, I then thought that probably I was annoyed just for that: the change.
    I’ve taken part to the challenge only twice and honestly I’m not so accustomed to a methode that I can’t change my habit. I think that the idea to having to do the challenge differently will be more of an issue than actually doing the challenge in a new way.
    So I’ll take part too 🙂
    Let’s see, maybe the new way will be even better.


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