Special Opportunity for All My Readers…

For all of you who have published a book and are looking to reach new readers, I’m pleased to announce a special opportunity.

img_2528 by diannehope

Ryan Lanz over at “A Writer’s Path” has teamed up with me to offer an extra 2 bonus weeks on all 90 day advertisements for his three websites: “A Writer’s Path,” “All Romance Reads,” and “The Book Review Directory.” The promo code is AL8711 and is available for all new clients.

Ryan’s price points vary based on how many websites you choose to advertise on at a given time. Ad packages start as low as $15, with price breaks for having your novel featured on multiple websites at a time.

A Writer’s Path has over 12,300 followers via Twitter and over 9,500 on its WordPress site. All Romance Reads and The Book Review Directory also have a high number of followers (over 5,000 and 2,000, respectively, with the latter having a Twitter accounts with over 5,000 followers).

All three sites post regularly (6-7 times a week), attracting a great deal of traffic. Ryan’s sites are very professional and are regularly featured on other blogger’s sites, as well as on Flipboard and Amazon KDP’s Facebook page.

You can find more details about the advertising options here.

These ads are a great way for a novel to gain exposure to a wide range of people without having to personally hawk your work (something we writers are not always eager to do), and I’ve personally found many books through them, so I’m excited to be able to offer you this opportunity to see your book reach a whole new set of potential readers.


Copyright 2017 Andrea Lundgren

Photo by diannehope, Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Special Opportunity for All My Readers…

  1. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    This sounds like a great opportunity. I’ve been following “A Wrier’s Path” for some time, but don’t have a book to advertise yet. My first novel was such a disaster that I’m almost embarrassed to say I wrote it, let alone sell it. I do like my characters and hope the next one will do better. ~ Connie


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