All Things New…

Happy New Year everyone!

After two and a half years (has it only been that long?) of blogging, I’ve finally gotten my own domain to where I no longer have to add “.wordpress” to the end of my site. And, to go with the new name, I decided on a new, sleeker look. It will take some time to adjust my past articles to the new format, but in time, they will all be updated.

IMG_7600 by AngelaSM

I’ve also decided to make some changes pertaining to the content. Instead of only reviewing Indie works, I’m going to include more popular or classical works to the rotation. It may result in a longer wait to get your work reviewed, but it should broaden the scope of the reviews and help keep the ratings accountable by featuring a variety of works from modern and historical authors. (Please note that currently, reviews are scheduled out until July 2017.)

Finally, I’m going to start sharing posts from the past on “Flashback Fridays,” as I go through the archives and revisit what I wrote years ago (seeing how most of you wouldn’t have read them when this blog was in infancy).

All the best,


P.S. I am still working my way through the list of followers to visit everyone’s sites. It’s definitely taking me longer than November, but I will make it to all of you, I promise. 🙂


Copyright 2017 Andrea Lundgren

Photo by AngelaSM, Creative Commons

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