Calling all bloggers, within the sound of my voice…er, reach of my words?

6578e42ebd09d58e92ba3e844b3c1b88 Jacobhilton123

I’ve been busy working on revising and rewriting the first few novels in my science-fiction/fantasy series, and while it’s been going very well, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected lately from you, my readers and fellow bloggers.

So I propose a blogging potluck. Everyone brings a dish to share (in this case, a link of your own work–article, poetry, art, photograph, etc., provided it is clean and reader-friendly), and we shall all get to enjoy the feast together (and I’ll be able to catch up on all the things the rest of you have been doing).

To start it off, I offer my poem, from years ago: “Elemental”

Crush a soul and all you have

Are tears

And cries too deep for crying

Emptiness expanded

Choking pain


Crush a dream and all you have

Are hopes and wishes

And the conviction that conditions

Can be changed


But crush a life and all you have

Worth having

Are the dreams and the soul who spun them

Gossamer silk in spiderwebs

Unfurled in the wind

Catching dew and waterdrops

And turning them to liquid fire

DSC04845 by lauramusikanski

Please feel free to reblog this, and please, please, share a link to something of your own so I can come visit. Thank you!

Copyright 2016 Andrea Lundgren

Photo by Jacobhilton123 and lauramusikanski, Creative Commons

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