I knit bugs into your sweater

‘Cuz you are such a pest.

I knit bugs into your sweater,

You seem to like them best.

I know you won’t see them,

Or even know they’re there.

But when you wear it I’ll smile,

And you’ll think it’s ‘cuz I care.

DSC08385 by creative commons

They flew into my webbing

And I locked and looped them in.

Confining them to a prison

Of stitches, cables, trim.

If what’s inside really matters

Then your sweater will display

Your irritating nature

In a new, expressive way.


(No bugs were harmed in the production of this poem.) 🙂

Copyright 2016 Andrea Lundgren

Photo used according to Creative Commons

4 thoughts on “Bugs

      1. I really had a good laugh. I think all of us know someone we’d like to give a “bug sweater” to. 🙂 Those who say they don’t just aren’t admitting it.


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