Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting

COINING 20 by quicksandala

Though toying with writing about “the grand X-it” today, I’ve decided to forgo puns and word-cheats and use actual X words.

XAG and XAU are the financial abbreviations for ounces of silver and gold, and Googling either of them will bring up how much those metals are currently valued on the stock market/gold and silver index.

Which brings me to my real discussion for today: what do your characters treasure? Is it the same thing as is valued in their world (we talked about world-building here)? Or do they “buck the current” and value something else?

Do they prefer the XAG and XAU, the tangible things that the world has ever run after? Or are they more sensitive to intangibles, like peace, quiet, happiness, and health? Or, are they relationship oriented, valuing the people in their lives most?

This can be another good source of conflict (we discussed creating drama in your story here), as two different characters may treasure very different things. If one longs for people and the other longs for quiet, it could make for an interesting partnership. If the woman wants financial stability while the man is more interested in relationships and having a family, their marriage could become problematic. (And if authors never ask this question of their characters, they could pass by a treasure trove of conflict and story potential–the pun was a bonus.) 🙂

Some of my characters value freedom and independence more than anything. Others value their reputation, their friends, being included, or even excitement and adventure, and the swirl of different values–the exchange of currency that goes on–creates most of the interrelational problems in my novel, as one person feels like they don’t get a fair trade for what they’re offering, and the other person can’t see what the problem is.

So what about you? Do you find your characters value different things, from you and other characters?

Copyright 2016 Andrea Lundgren

Photo by quicksandala, Creative Commons

3 thoughts on “Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting

  1. What great X words! My characters are nonfiction but I still need to know what they treasure to write them accurately.


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