Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

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I’m not going to say that blogging can make you famous, give you a new career, or change your life (though it probably can…at least theoretically?).

But, having blogged fairly steadily for the last two years, I know that it can change how you write. Suddenly, you can use the hashtag #amwriting all the time, because even if you aren’t writing your novel, at least you’re writing something, right?

And then, out of the depths and the abyss of silence, there are people who read what you write…real people (or their cats, perhaps, but it’s feedback all the same). ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, in all seriousness, here are three benefits to blogging:

  • Clarity of thought.ย For me, I find that my thoughts are most organized after I’ve written them down, in some form or fashion, and while I’m learning to achieve similar results by talking about things, nothing seems to compare to having the thoughts and ideas and feelings down on paper (or on the screen). It no longer feels like something I’m carrying and turns into something I can contemplate and, possibly, change. For me, blogging develops the film of my mind, helping be see that I might otherwise miss or dismiss.
  • Practice in being read by other people.ย One of the most challenging things, for me, used to be having something I’d written be read by other people. It was one of the things that made blogging difficult, early on, but now, after two years, I find that it gets easier all the time. People may disagree (though I’ve yet to encounter any really belligerent types), but for the most part, they’re very supportive, encouraging, and delighted to read what I’ve written. Which has been a very pleasant surprise.
  • A broader look at ___ (whatever you blog about).ย When you’re writing a novel or any long work, it’s easy to get so used to writing for yourself that you forget that there are others out there who may see things differently. Blogging can help provide a great reality check (especially if you visit and read other blogs on the same topics that you write about).
  • A more balanced perspective on life. When writer’s block or plot difficulties arise, it’s easy to think that this is horrible, catastrophic, or at least apocalyptical…and then you read about another blogger who just lost a parent or who is struggling to find a place to live. As much as online interaction can distract us from writing, it can help us in living.

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12 thoughts on “Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

  1. What an adorable kitty!

    That is so true about clarity of thought! And it’s a wonderful way to release brain pressure, too. After I’ve written something down, I feel better, because I finally got it out of my head and have closure.

    “Practice in being read by others” – that was a huge one for me, too. I used to sit with my cursor over the ‘publish’ button for minutes trying to work up enough courage to click it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Excellent points, Andrea. I found keeping a blog, writing on it regularly, helps with clarity of thought, craft and art, and also it’s great to be a part of a community of writers/bloggers, learn, share ideas. A tiny door to the world, and writers spend an inordinate amount of time alone with their thoughts, so we need an outlet. Great post.


    1. It is! I’m always amazed at the various countries and nationalities who visit my blog or ask for a book review. It’s such an honor to know people all over the globe are reading and commenting.
      Thanks for stoping by!


  3. I would add that it also gets you in the habit of writing and completing projects regularly, perhaps even with a self-imposed deadline. Iโ€™ve heard any number of authors who work on the same project indefinitely.

    I also think itโ€™s a good way to develop connections and connect with a potential audience. Whether itโ€™s an agent or a reader, longer writing pieces require a greater investment of time. People are more willing to gamble on someone they donโ€™t know if the piece is a quick 500 word blog post, and after reading a few they may feel more comfortable gambling on something longer, like a novel.


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