Announcing Book Coaching!

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As a book reviewer, I regularly discuss a novel’s strengths and weaknesses in a summarized way for the sake of potential readers, but I feel like, if I was an author getting a review, it’d feel like too little, too late. There I’d be, with a published book and a whole bunch of feedback about what I could’ve done better…when I couldn’t do anything about it.

So I decided to start a new service for authors so you can have a detailed, chapter-by-chapter insight on potential problem areas before a book is published. Book Coaching is designed to strengthen a novel (or novella) and improve its marketability through author-to-author discussions about the book’s goal, focus, characterization, description, world-building, and plot.

Book Coaching will not be beta reading, proofreading, or editing, but a form of literary engineering where we discuss the unique challenges inherent in your story and examine various options so you can find your answer–not a manufactured “right-way,” but your own personal answer–to problems in your novel through questions, suggestions, and comments.

I’ve discussed this service with other authors and given some trial-runs, and the authors indicate that they feel it will be a valuable option, especially for independent authors. Priced at $1 per 1,000 words, my hope is that it will provide affordable feedback for new and experienced authors of works of all size.

For more information, please see the Book Coaching page or email me via the following form. Thanks!

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