Flooded Out of Our Home

And here I was, frustrated that I can’t get as much writing done as I’d like.

A fellow author is facing the total loss of her home and many of her belongings, due to the flooding of a river by her home. Her daughter has set up a Go-Fund-Me account, and she can use all the support (in words and more) that we can give.

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I have hesitated to write this on my blog; mostly I just haven’t felt like writing at all. I am in a very depressed state right now.

I have often talked on my blog about living on Weiss Lake; how peaceful it is and how much I love it. We knew we were living in a flood zone and could not purchase home insurance. We accepted that was a price we had to pay to live a simple life on the lake.

After living there for over 20 years, we have only flooded once, back in 2003. Normal pool level is 564′. That year the water rose to 567′ and only got into our porch a couple of inches. We had to pull up the ruined carpeting and replace the molding on the walls.

Our home is a 1965 model, 8′ x 32″, that we have built on to. We originally  built…

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