I’ve had this fragmentary story idea running around my head for some time so I thought I’d write it and share it with all of you.

He sat across the campfire and watched as its coarse, uneven light touched her. It swept along that soft cheek, that proud chin he knew so well, even as she laughed and smiled at another man.

Couldn’t she see how he felt about her? The times he’d jeopardized his job for her, his career, his position, hiding reality under a cloak of youth and innocence. He done everything to keep her reputation as spotless as her complexion, and each time, he would watch for some sign of gratitude. Something, anything deeper than a shrug and that perfect smile she gave to everyone.

Year in, year out, it was always the same. Every time she stumbled, he was there to catch her.
But this time…

This time I’m going to let you fall.


Copyright Andrea Lundgren 2015

Photo, “The Sweet Grass at Sunset” by Nomadic Lass, Creative Commons

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