I Knit September into Your Scarf

I knit September into your scarf,

The cool nights, the warm days.

The sun over my shoulder

Dancing through the leaves.


I knit September into your scarf,

The school bells, the rainstorms,

The wind sending down torrents

Of needles like hail.


I knit September into your scarf,

The harvest moon, the perfect sunshine,

The days the weather tricked us

Into thinking warmth had returned.


Then I knit October into your scarf,

Endless rounds of wind and shadow, rain and sun.

The evening fires, the morning dew,

The bleak brown branches, awaiting frost.



If I keep knitting October into your scarf,

The yellow leaves upon the ground,

The crunch and shush and crack and sparkle

Of days still dancing…


I’ll never get this scarf of yours finished in time,

And I’ll have to knit winter in, too!


Copyright Andrea Lundgren 2015

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