Others were around,

In and out of her life,

Yet her point never wavered,

Her arrow never budged.

And then he came

And suddenly she’s all alive, eyes shining.

She drops everything for him:

Her handkerchief,

Her gloves,

Her fan.

Activities are forgotten,

Dreams overlooked,

Pursuits abandoned.

Now a word, a look

Will be enough.

Her solo song turns into his serenade,

Or perhaps her last aria,

Her soul lost to his call,

Deaf to any siren songs but his.

This is true magnetism,

Life or death in a glance.

Caught between love and an obsession

Only divinity can sustain.

Too close,

And she’ll lose herself.

Every point on the compass

Will be north.

Her world subsumed by him

But he gives her direction

And she takes it

With both hands.

Copyright 2015 Andrea Lundgren
Thanks to Jane Austen for the wording of lines 14-15
Photo by quicksandala, Creative Commons


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