Contest for Fiction and Poetry

I came across this on my desk the other day and decided I should pass it on to all of you. The contest is legitimate, as far as I know. I have attended the Nimrod Writing workshops twice, and I found them excellent resources for interacting with other writers and hearing from the authors who were included in the journal that year. The writers who won were genuinely pleased and grateful, so I can only assume they got paid. 🙂

The Nimrod International Journal offers $2,000 and publication as it’s First Prize and $1,000 and publication for its Second Prize, in both fiction and poetry. Postmark deadline is April 30th, 2015, but they hold this contest every year, so if you can’t get anything ready by then, you can always work on it for next year.

The pieces must not have been accepted for publication elsewhere, and Entrants “must be living in the U.S. by October 2015.” For other details, please see their website. (Don’t be confused. They have results on the same page, but the winners are from last year.)

If you live near Tulsa, Oklahoma, you might want to attend their conference in October. They offer feedback on writing submissions as well as a variety of workshops (and lunch), and it’s a great chance to connect with other writers.

Let me know if any of you enter the contest and how it goes. From what I know of the journal, they prefer pieces that are contemporary in flavor (versus more genre-specific; I never encountered any sci-fi or fantasy in the journal, though they did offer classes on those genres for their workshops, so they aren’t against it). Bonne chance!

Copyright 2015 Andrea Lundgren

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