My post about using an omniscient narrator versus third person close narration is featured as the guest post of the day on “A Writer’s Path.” Please wander over there and enjoy all the writing tools Ryan has available.

Personally, my favorite is Under the Microscope, where he looks at the first chapters of writer’s works-in-progress and offers compliments and critiques (similar to Writing that Scene, but focused only on the first chapter).

And he just unveiled a brand new feature, The Book Review Directory, which organizes book review blogs by genre and regularly features new reviews. It’s like the yellow pages of book reviews, and is especially useful if you have a book you want reviewed (like one you recently published or are about to publish).

It has already given me a few titles to look into and is a great resource when you need a new book to read. And, if you review books, you can even get your blog listed in the directory and access some badges to show off your membership. Enjoy!

Copyright 2015 Andrea Lundgren
Photo courtesy of Gratisography

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