Steps down,

Becoming like us.

He assumes a face and a heartbeat,

Coming to die.



Submits even to death,

Claiming the cup of sin

Though no part was His.

Gracious compassion

Coming to die.



Divorces for our sakes.

The Father turns away

As the Son goes hellwards

To scour the furthest corner

And finish His task.

The power of death and the grave

Coming to die.



Gets the chance to start over,

The plain and the ugly made beautiful.

Our deepest stains

And darkest passions

Wiped away.

A new beginning.

The worst of us

Coming to die.



To our pride

Our dreams aren’t strong enough

So He gives us His.

And we find life

And the way we’re meant to be

When all we are

Gets laid at His feet.


Coming to die.

Copyright 2015 Andrea Lundgren
Photo by EricBerthe, Creative Commons

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