The man who wrote about Death

So we could know him,

Now knows him better than any of us.

He has crossed the line that he created

And is no more ours.

And the glass looks clearer

As if we could slip through, too.

But our fingers catch the surface

Telling us

It’s not our time.


One falter of the turtle

And his world slipped away.

A disc drowning in darkness.

A voice no more.

He may write again,

But it is not ours to read it.

We are still here,

But he is there.

His words are now his own.

Copyright 2015 Andrea Lundgren
Photo courtesy of Jade, Creative Commons


4 thoughts on “Turtle’s Crossing

      1. Already did so; I like your Friendly Fridays. It’s a great idea, focusing on art that is worth sharing. So often we’re quick to talk about what we don’t like yet never share the things we enjoy.

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