This is in no way a reflection on all of you wonderful people who read this blog, but I’ve been thinking about blogging and writing, about a silence and responses, and what they mean to the people involved, to poets and writers and bloggers and just general human beings on the other side of our computer screens.

Hopefully, this poem will remind us to be the kind of followers and readers we’d like to have.

What does it mean when you won’t say a word?

When the sound of crickets is all.

When my words go out

Into the void


And there is no response.


Did you not read it?

Reading it, did you not like it?

Liking it, did you not care?

Or maybe you think I wouldn’t,

Or perhaps,

And here is a sad and optimistic thought

My thoughts were too complete

For you to add anything to them.



Entire and alone?


They say statistics never lie

So I know you’re out there.

For you come from across the countries

But you leave nothing behind.


And I am guilty, too.

For I have likewise visited


And said nothing.

Maybe I was too busy


I had nothing to say.

Or perhaps I thought it wouldn’t matter

If I spoke

And so I remain a number

Not a name.

Just part of the tide that flows across your webpage

A portion of a bar graph

Not a voice.


They say some writers have comments

So thick that a single one

Would not be missed.

And some have followers that join them daily

Yet they too leave only a click.

Only a handful write back

Like the correspondence of a pen-pal.



But at least there are a few.


Others are welcomed

Only with silence.

Copyright 2014 Andrea Lundgren

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