Replacing calendars and turning pages,

We reflect

On life,

As we are and as we could be.

Looking back,

Looking forward.

We think of all that happened



And boring.

And we hope for a better future.

We tell ourselves this year, we’ll change things.

This year will make a difference.

When the greatest difference

Are the moments.

As we live them,

One by one.

They are given to us,

Drifting down from open skies

Until they reach us and we live.

But like snowflakes,




Dripping from our hands,

Each remnant plays

Across our fingers.

Gently asking

Will we change?

Or will the moments gather

At our feet, forming

Another mirrored reflection

We detest

But cannot change?

Copyright 2014 Andrea Lundgren
Photo by Krosseel, Creative Commons

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