We don’t get snow

Not for Christmas, not for New Year’s.

It’s a guest we fail to invite

Though we grow the proper trees

To such proportions

They dwarf the tallest houses,

Hiding shopping malls and skyscrapers from sight.


We don’t lure snow with chill temperatures or beguile it with brisk breezes.

The welcome mat of frozen ground is rarely offered,

And thus it neglects us,

Gracing other lands but leaving us green

And wet

Enduring a blizzard of raindrops.


So we meet and spread forth cheer and holiday greetings,

But something is missing.

There is little break in the weather,

Little change to this patch of land called home.

Increasing darkness and shorter days,

Then longer days,

Sunshine dodging the clouds,

A ray or two amidst the damp.

But no light flakes of drifting sunlight,

No jewels of water drifting on the whim of the wind.

Copyright 2014 Andrea Lundgren
Photo by pippalou, Creative Commons

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