Review – Christina Wehner’s Blog

If you haven’t run across this thoughtful oasis, I suggest you march your browser straight over to her blog and check it out. Admittedly, I am biased…Christina is my cousin and very dear friend, but her blog is a delight in its own right, full of reviews of old movies and songs I had never heard of before she wrote about them.

She reviews a little bit of everything, but focuses on older movies, historically-significant books, and classic music (not classical music, but music from classic musicals like “My Fair Lady” or “Mary Poppins” or pieces for the Great American Songbook.) She also discusses recent films that incorporate classic elements, like “Frozen” or “Saving Mr. Banks.”

I have learned a great deal about writing, black-and-white films, and life from Christina, and I hope that by meeting her through the wonderful world of the blogosphere, you can enjoy a similar experience.

Note: She also has a blog devoted to birds, food, and whatever else comes to mind, which is a whole lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed her article about how grilling is the ultimate experience in female empowerment! Very fun!

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